Diablo Cody is OK with Me After All

I know I've been really hard on Juno the past few weeks. I didn't like the film upon first seeing it, but I didn't loathe it the way I came to after it garnered such ecstatic praise, popularity, and then an actual shot at winning the Oscar for best picture of the year.

But believe it or not, Diablo Cody's heartfelt speech actually softened me on the little movie that could. Suddenly there was a human veneer beneath what I once saw as merely snarky self-promotion.

I still don't like it, and I probably never will. But my hate for it has abated. The film did not win Best Picture, and suddenly all is right with the universe...its threat is no longer present. It won Best Original Screenplay, and I'm actually OK with that.

I hereby grant Juno a pass. You'll hear no more on the subject from me.


Anonymous said…
Totally agree on the Cody speech. It was the first time she dropped her snarky attitude and expressed basic human emotion. It was really nice to see.

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