Liz Smith Can Kiss My Ass

From the New York Post:
This, of course, doesn't deal with Daniel Day-Lewis, who will probably win Best Actor for his usual mode of overacting hysteria. Not only do I reject "There Will Be Blood" as anything but a curiosity, I want to tell this guy that it is not "fashionable" when men wear earrings for him to wear two. It's one earring that separates the boys from the men!

In this historical moment when politics is much more riveting than any film, I say send them all home quickly with their Oscars and let's get back to the business of electing a president and transforming this country one way or another.

How stuck up and self-righteous can you be? Who gives a fuck whether it's "fashionable" to wear two earrings or not? But what else do you expect from the Post? Anyone who thinks Daniel Day-Lewis' performance is just "overacting hysteria" knows nothing whatsoever about acting.


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