Wrapping Up the Season

The ceremony is over, all the questioning, bickering, and speculating is done, and the season has come to a close. The Oscar blogs will go into hibernation until next year, and my post count will most likely take a hit as well during the summer months when there is less to talk about.

So now, with the excitement winding down, I've settled down with one last glass of champagne to reflect on the night and the year that was.

By far my favorite moment was Jon Stewart bringing Marketa Irglova, Oscar winner for her gorgeous theme song from Once, back on the stage after the orchestra had begun playing after her songwriting partner Glen Hansard had said his thank yous, leaving her to stand at a microphone that had already been cut off. It was an incredibly classy move, and was one of the highlights of the evening.

My other favorite moment was Marion Cotillard's winning Best Actress for her phenomenal performance in La Vie En Rose. I didn't predict it, but I'm sure glad I was wrong. It's the kind of performance that awards are made for, and I was very proud of AMPAS for awarding a performance in a foreign language (it's only the 3rd time in their history). It was a magic moment and I toast the Academy for their choice and Marion for her grace.

Speaking of grace, it's hard to match Daniel Day-Lewis, whose unassuming and humble demeanor is the very antithesis of his hateful and avaricious character in There Will Be Blood.

And how can you not love Amy Adams? Her effervescent face was everywhere tonight. One day I hope to see her up at that podium accepting an Oscar. Even though her rendition of "Happy Working Song" from Enchanted was the only featured number that was totally lacking in production values, she was as infectious as always.

I was pleased with the show overall. Jon Stewart seemed more relaxed and naturally funny than he did last time he hosted, and the crowd seemed much more at ease as well. This was a swifter, breezier, more enjoyable Oscar telecast than we have seen in a long time, and honestly, I don't think I could have been more pleased even if There Will Be Blood had made a clean sweep (which would have been awesome, I'm not going to lie). Here's a toast to you, the winners of the 80th Academy Awards.

See you next year, Oscar.


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