Uwe Boll Speaks Out

Uwe Boll (aka the worst director in the world) has issued a statement regarding a current petition which, if it reaches one million signatures, Boll has agreed to stop making movies.

He manages to one-up himself when it comes to blind self absorption, after the debacle in which he challenged all movie critics that don't like his movies to a boxing match (!), by declaring himself "The only fucking genius in the business" and that he's "not a fucking retard like Michael Bay or Eli Roth making the same shitty movies over and over again."

Really? Has he actually SEEN any of his own movies? They're all the same bullshit video game adaptations that could have been made just as well by a pack of ADD 12 year olds hyped up on caffeine.

He then goes on to say that his new film, Postal, will be "way better than all that social-critic George Clooney bullshit that you get every fucking weekend."

I think Mr. (excuse me...DOCTOR) Boll is just jealous that Clooney has more talent in his little toenail than he ever will. It's kind of sad that he is so deluded that he truly believes that he is the only one who actually knows how to make movies, and that its everyone else who are the hacks. I guess he had to make up some excuse as to why he never makes movies that are critical OR popular successes.

In other words, Uwe Boll is an idiot. And this video proves it.


Anonymous said…
I have never seen a film of his, I am guessing that is a good thing, but from what I have heard he is pretty awful.

Heck I would sign that petition just because of that video, lol.

"Clooney has more talent his little toenail than he ever will" ? Hilarious stuff!!

Ah, to hell with this guy, what a knob.

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