Satellite Award Nominations

Wow. It's good to see the excellent The House of Sand get some love. I never thought I would see it.

And Apocalypto is being counted as a Mexican film? Huh? It's an American production directed by Mel Gibson - while an actual Mexican film, Pan's Labyrinth, get's relegated to Best Animated Film (which it isn't). Who decided the classifications for Foreign Language film?

Half Nelson is continuing to quietly gain momentum. Could it be a surprise Best Picture nominee come Oscar time?

Motion Picture, Drama
A. Half Nelson
B. The Departed
C. Flags Of Our Fathers
D. The Queen
E. The Last King Of Scotland
F. Babel
G. Little Children

Motion Picture, Comedy Or Musical
A. Little Miss Sunshine
B. Thank You For Smoking
C. The Devil Wears Prada
D. Stranger Than Fiction
E. Venus
F. Dreamgirls

Actress In A Motion Picture, Drama
A. Penelope Cruz, Volver
B. Helen Mirren, The Queen
C. Judi Dench, Notes On A Scandal
D. Gretchen Mol, The Notorious Bettie Page
E. Maggie Gyllenhaal, Sherrybaby
F. Kate Winslet, Little Children

Actor In A Motion Picture, Drama
A. Derek Luke, Catch A Fire
B. Joshua Jackson, Aurora Borealis
C. Forrest Whitaker, The Last King Of Scotland
D. Ryan Gosling, Half Nelson
E. Patrick Wilson, Little Children
F. Leonardo DiCaprio, Blood Diamond

Actress In A Motion Picture, Comedy Or Musical
A. Julie Walters, Driving Lessons
B. Annette Bening, Running With Scissors
C. Meryl Streep, The Devil Wears Prada
D. Toni Collette, Little Miss Sunshine
E. Jodie Whitaker, Venus
F. Beyoncé Knowles, Dreamgirls

Actor In A Motion Picture, Comedy Or Musical
A. Joseph Cross, Running With Scissors
B. Aaron Eckhart ,Thank You For Smoking
C. Sacha Baron Cohen, Borat
D. Peter O’toole, Venus
E. Will Ferrell, Stranger Than Fiction

Actress In A Supporting Role
A. Abigail Breslin, Little Miss Sunshine
B. Lily Tomlin, A Prairie Home Companion
C. Blythe Danner, The Last Kiss
D. Rinko Kikuchi, Babel
E. Cate Blanchett, Notes On A Scandal
F. Jennifer Hudson, Dreamgirls

Actor In A Supporting Role
A. Donald Sutherland, Aurora Borealis
B. Adam Beach, Flags Of Our Fathers
C. Leonardo DiCaprio, The Departed
D. Alan Arkin, Little Miss Sunshine
E. Brad Pitt, Babel
F. Jack Nicholson, The Departed

Motion Picture, Foreign Language Film
A. The Lives Of Others, Germany
B. Volver, Spain
C. Changing Times, France
D. Water, Canada
E. Syrian Bride, Israel
F. Apocalypto, Mexico

Motion Picture, Animated Or Mixed Media
A. Cars
B. Ice Age 2: The Meltdown
C. Happy Feet
D. Flushed Away
E. Pan’s Labyrinth

Motion Picture, Documentary
A. Deliver Us From Evil
B. Jonestown: The Life & Death Of Peoples Temple
C. An Inconvenient Truth
D. The US vs. John Lennon
E. Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man
F. The War Tapes

A. Martin Scorsese, The Departed
B. Clint Eastwood, Flags Of Our Fathers
C. Pedro Almodovar, Volver
D. Stephen Frears, The Queen
E. Alejandro González Iñárritu, Babel
F. Bill Condon, Dreamgirls

Screenplay, Original
A. André Téchiné, Laurent Guyot, Changing Times
B. Elena Soarez, Luiz Carlos Barreto, The House Of Sand
C. Guillermo Arriaga, Babel
D. Pedro Almodovar, Volver
E. Peter Morgan, The Queen
F. Paul Laverty, The Wind That Shakes The Barley

Screenplay, Adapted
A. William Broyles, Jr.; Paul Haggis, Flags Of Our Fathers
B. Jason Reitman, Thank You For Smoking
C. William Monahan, Siu Fai Mak, Felix Chong, The Departed
D. Todd Field, Tom Perrotta, Little Children
E. Garrison Keillor, A Prairie Home Companion
F. Bill Condon, Dreamgirls


Anonymous said…
You forgot to list Kate Winsletamong the Satelllite nominees. See this link:
Mattie Lucas said…
Hmmm...thanks for pointing that out. I copied and pasted the info from instead of the Press Academy website, and either they left it out or I deleted it by mistake, because it required some heavy editing.

Glad you caught that.

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