"Dreamgirls" Overkill?

From Oscarwatch:
What do you think, Oscarwatchers. Dreamgirls, is it covered too much on the LA Times' Envelope? Is there a Geffen connection? Are other sites covering it too much? Carpetbagger started it and Wells links, Poland links. Many are intrigued by this idea. What are your thoughts?

Good lord yes! I'm glad somebody brought this up. The Envelope has been Dreamgirls central since day 1. I mean, yes I can't wait to see it, I hope its as wonderful as it is touted to be, but this is overkill. Such over-hyping can ruin a movie. I just think that touting the film as the movie that WILL win Best Picture is a bit premature...considering it hasn't won ANY Best Pic awards yet. Wait till the Globes, then we'll see.


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