New on DVD - 9/2/08

REPRISE - ***½

Trier directs with an energy and verve reminiscent of the early works of Francois Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard (a comparison made even more blatant by the striking resemblance of Victoria Winge as Phillip's girlfriend Kari to frequent Godard collaborator Anna Karina). His keen insight into the male psyche is extremely potent. The circle of friends that form the story's core are full of macho bravado, sinewy bundles of testosterone with nowhere to go. Their energies and frustrations are expressed as childish immaturities that mask unspoken pains and wounds that society forbids them to express. These boys don't least on the outside.


Helen Hunt's Then She Found Me is a rare breed. It is a smart, funny, touching romantic comedy that is fully honest about life and relationships. As a director, Hunt finds the truth in her situations. Some of the comedy may border on outlandish, but she balances it well, and emerges with one of the most honest and real on-screen romances I have ever seen.


It is a potent and at times powerful examination of adolescent sexuality, infused with a haunting melancholy reminiscent of the films of Sofia Coppola. I can't think of a film I have more singularly identified with this year than Water Lilies. I felt like I was on the verge of tears for the entire film.


Anonymous said…
I completely agree with your excellent assessment of the Norwegian REPRISE, but regretably, I have not set seen WATER LILLIES. The DVD release insures at least a netflix rental, hopefully in the upcoming days.
Mattie Lucas said…
Thanks Sam. WATER LILIES is definitely worth checking out - the Sofia Coppola vibe is nothing short of intoxicating.

I also plan to revisit REPRISE, which I loved at the time but sadly remember very little of.

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