Hollywood Goes to the Dark Side?

One of my favorite conservatives clowns, Movieguide's Ted Baehr, has posted a typical gloating bitch-fest about how Hollywood's numbers are down, and contributes it to the darker tone of the current marketplace, saying:
Attendance at movie theaters has plummeted 4.7% in 2008 so far, despite the hoopla surrounding THE DARK KNIGHT, as Hollywood has turned to the “dark side” this year with dark movies and few uplifting family movies or no inspiring action thrillers with very strong Christian values.
He totally fails to mention, of course, that The Dark Knight, the year's biggest hit and the second highest grossing film of all time, is also one of the darkest of the year. Because that would, you know, go against his little theory.

He also goes on to say:
Comic book movies seem to be all the rage, but MOVIEGUIDE® is concerned about reports that some Hollywood filmmakers want to make darker and darker comic book movies with little or no positive Christian values. If they continue making dark movies with lots of objectionable content and little or no heart, these producers will be ignoring years of box office experience and information from MOVIEGUIDE® showing that people prefer uplifting, optimistic movies with positive biblical values.
Well it seems like they're doing pretty well for themselves so far, seeing as how The Dark Knight has grossed $512,198,000 to date. Kinda puts a dent in his little threat huh?

Oh Movieguide...always good for a laugh.


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