Sunday, April 08, 2007

Just Out of Curiosity...

Why won't people listen to me? I've been shouting from the rooftops that The Last Mimzy is one of the best live action family film in years, and no one is going to see it. Even people I know.


To quote my original review: "It's a small wonder that [director Bob] Shaye accidentally made such a good movie, considering that the film has more problems than I care to list, but its charm and innocence carry it through anyway, with a little help from the child in all of us, staring in wide-eyed wonder at something born out of a dream. It features moments both ridiculous and sublime, contrived and inspired, and somewhere in between something truly magical happens - "The Last Mimzy" steals our hearts."

With such a lack of quality family entertainment out there, it's a shame that the best of its genre in a good long time is not finding an audience. This is one children's film that doesn't deserve to wither on the vine. Go see it. And take your kids.

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