"Blades of Glory" #1 at Holiday Box Office as "Grindhouse" Disappoints

Weekend box office estimates:

1. Blades of Glory - $23,000,000
2. Meet the Robinsons - $17,004,000
3. Are We Done Yet? - $15,000,000
4. Grindhouse - $11,591,000
5. The Reaping - $10,080,000
6. 300 - $8,825,000
7. Wild Hogs - $6,838,000
8. Shooter - $5,800,000
9. TMNT - $4,935,000
10. Firehouse Dog - $4,000,000

Source: Box Office Mojo

It looks like the Rodriguez/Tarantino double feature, Grindhouse, was too hip for the room as audiences chose the safe route with the Will Ferrell/John Heder comedy vehicle Blades of Glory for a second weekend in a row. Even Are We Done Yet?, the sequel to the insipid Are We There Yet?, one of the worst films of the decade, managed to do better than the slam-bang thrill ride that is Grindhouse.

I guess a 3 hour plus, R-rated double feature is a tough sell, especially one that requires some basic knowledge of cinema history (which the average moviegoer lacks) is a tough sell. Maybe it was a bit too insider-y, who knows. Anyway, once again the good film loses out. I don't know why this surprises me anymore.


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