"Disturbia" Wins Box Office Weekend

Weekend box office estimates:

1. Disturbia - $23,025,000
2. Blades of Glory - $14,065,000
3. Meet the Robinsons - $12,103,000
4. Perfect Stranger - $11,500,000
5. Are We Done Yet? - $9,200,000
6. Pathfinder - $4,800,000
7. Wild Hogs - $4,639,000
8. The Reaping - $4,565,000
9. 300 - $4,315,000
10. Grindhouse - $4,239,000

Source: Box Office Mojo

The teen targeted Rear Window rip-off Disturbia was number one at the box office this weekend, beating out it's closest newcomer competition, the Halle Berry-Bruce Willis vehicle Perfect Stranger, which debuted in a weak 4th place.

Grindhouse, regrettably, continues to bomb, falling to 10th place, with a cumulative gross of $19,700,000. Apparently the concept was lost on the majority of Americans.

Miramax's excellent The Hoax is in 16th place with a rather peaked $1,652,000 in just 413 theaters in its first week out of expansion, although the $4,000 per-screen average isn't bad. But as the best English language feature I have had the pleasure of seeking this year (and the first with truly Oscar-worthy performances), it really deserves more. But more on that later.


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