Disney Unveils "Frog Princess"

From Variety:

Disney animation is flashing back to the '90s.

At the conglom's shareholders meeting in New Orleans on Thursday, Walt Disney Feature Animation Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter officially unveiled "The Frog Princess," Disney Animation Studio's 2009 toon release.

"Frog Princess" will be a hand drawn musical, the type of pic that defined Disney's triumphant animation run in the '90s, but was abandoned by the Mouse in 2005 after a string of flops like "Home on the Range" and "The Emperor's New Groove." Like every other major studio, Disney has since focused on CGI toons, such as "Chicken Little" and this month's "Meet the Robinsons."

"The Frog Princess" is being directed by John Musker and Ron Clements, helmers of "The Little Mermaid," "Aladdin," and "Hercules." They left the studio several years ago but were wooed back last year after Lasster and Ed Catmull took over Disney animation following the acquisition of Pixar. Originals songs and score are being penned by Pixar favorite Randy Newman.

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It's about time Disney went back to its glory days. They haven't made a truly good film without Pixar since the vastly underappreciated The Hunchback of Notre Dame in 1996. I'm feeling nostalgic already - I grew up with those animated musicals of the 90s, and loved everyone of them (until Hercules, anyway).

I do wish that they had tapped Alan Menken for the score though. The man didn't hit a false note during Disney's entire power run of the 90s.


Anonymous said…
Whether right or wrong, I must tell the story. Grew up in a very small town with mostly Whites. "Frog" was another insulting inflammatory term used, much like the N word, for a black person. It's unsettling that no one in the af-am community is saying anything about this rather unfortunate title. What, she couldn't be a sleeping beauty, a snow WHITE or a freakin' mermaid???

Disney has had an agenda for many years. Wake the hell up, morons

Anyone older than 45 can remember the "frog" insult. It's amazing the people of today let this fly.
Then they decide to champion this bunk? Someone, someone, someone please JUST REMEMBER
Mattie Lucas said…
I have never heard that before, and it's likely that Disney hasn't either (at least I hope not, I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt here). It's based on an old legend. Your experiences may have just been a local thing.

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