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"Why on earth does the Academy insist on wasting a nomination on a child (especially her first performance), who, for the most part, has a more easier time on camera than an adult does? It’s insulting to those adult actors who have spent years learning to do what a child does naturally. This is what winning an Oscar is about. So, in my opinion, nominating a child defies everything a person in this business works for. " - filmmaker/actress

Well first off, Little Miss Sunshine was not Abigail Breslin's first performance. She has shown great growth since Signs. If you want to criticize make sure you have your facts straight first. And "more easier?" Are you serious? You obviously have no talent yourself, otherwise you wouldn't be bitching about an extremely talented little girl getting a much deserved award nomination. I think you're just jealous and bitter that a child is more talented than you. What makes your "talent" more valid than her's? Finding a great child actor is a rare thing, and Abigail Breslin is the best thing to come along since Dakota Fanning. Winning an Oscar is about more than spending years in training - it's about delivering a great performance. And Breslin did just that. How many other kids do you know that could pull of doing a strip dance to "Super Freak" at nine years old?
"Forrest Whitaker is a fine actor, but I must say I would not go to see a movie about Idi Amin no matter the inducement. " - Variety subscriber

Your loss.
"I would love to see Jennifer Hudson to win because it shows that either you have IT or you don't. She's pretty and has not gone to professional acting classes trying to learn how to act. She's a natural." - Variety subscriber

I wouldn't call her a natural. She has an amazing voice but her acting is a bit rusty. It's obvious she is not a trained actress. I still think she deserves the award though.
"I'll just say it and go down in flames: I think "Little Miss Sunshine" is overrated and am scared to death it will win." -Variety subscriber

You and me both. It's a sweet little trifle that has no business in the top 5, especially when a future classic like Children of Men is snubbed.
"I don't care that "Dreamgirls" isn't a best pic nominee, but how did "The Queen" get in there?" - Variety subscriber's the year's most highly acclaimed English language film, that's why.

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