Academy Disqualifies Two "Sunshine" Producers

From Variety:

The Academy has decided which three producers of "Little Miss Sunshine" are Oscar contenders, while rejecting the request of Paramount Pictures chairman Brad Grey to be added to the Acad's producer credits on Warner Bros.' "The Departed."

The trio for "Little Miss Sunshine" are David T. Friendly, Peter Saraf and Marc Turtletaub. Also receiving onscreen credit are Albert Berger and Ron Yerxa. Acad rules state that only three producers are eligible.

About 20 producers who sit on the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences' executive committee made the decision Thursday night, naming Graham King at the only producer of "Departed."

The Producers Guild of America had earlier denied Grey credit on the pic. The Academy uses PGA decisions as a guideline, but reviews the ruling if the guild decision is contested.

On Jan. 21, all five "Sunshine" producers were given the PGA award because the guild does not limit the number of producers.

So due to the Academy's ridiculously specific rules (anyone wanna talk about the insane foreign language film rules?), the two producers who got Sunshine started have been disqualified, and if it goes on to win the big award, they will not recieve statuettes.

Is it just me or is that supremely unfair? Academy representatives said that they turn to the PGA to determine nominees, and the PGA recognized 5 producers, 2 more than the Academy's limit.

They need an appeals system, those two deserve to be recognized just as much as the other three.


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