Trailer: "Micmacs"

Jean-Pierre Jeunet's Micmacs (Sony Pictures Classics, 5.28), has a brand new English trailer to accompany its limited American theatrical run two months hence.

Left to Right: Jean-Pierre Marielle as Placard, Dany Boon as Bazil
Photo taken by Bruno Calvo, Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

Micmacs is a whimsical, satirical comedy about a man whose father was killed by a landmine, and has a bullet lodged in his own head, who bands together with a group of homeless misfits to bring down the weapons-manufacturers who created the objects of their affliction.

For me, the film is a messy attempt to recapture the charm of Amélie, relying a forced sense of quirkiness and shallow character development to try and create some sort of social significance. It doesn't work, but I know Jeunet has his fans, and the film received surprisingly positive reactions from SXSW earlier this month. You can judge for yourself when the film opens stateside May 28. Until then, here is the film's new trailer:


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