Total "Eclipse" of the Heart

I know I've been pretty down on the Twilight series, but this trailer for the third installment in the series, Eclipse, takes the cake.

I don't think I have never heard such god-awful dialogue in a trailer before. Don't they usually save their best stuff for these things? "Isabella Swan, I promise to love you every moment of forever." "I'm going to fight for you till your heart stops beating." I mean really, who takes this stuff seriously? The romantic dialogue in Eclipse almost makes the ridiculous fumblings of Attack of the Clones look like pure poetry.

It's still going to make boatloads of money though, and Twihards are salivating big time for this one, if the fact that they released a 10 second teaser of the trailer the night before its premiere is any indication. The film's official YouTube channel will keep you up to date on the latest Twilight news.


Castor said…
Twilight takes the concept of inarticulate mumbling to another level of suck.

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