My Favorite Godard

Bande à part. So effortlessly cool.


I agree that this is one of Godard's great scenes, but from what I hear it wasn't effortless. They rehearsed this dance over and over for weeks. In the midst of all the New Wave improv and spontaneity, the most prepared-for scene is also one of the best. I also like the little nod to Chaplin's The Gold Rush at the beginning of the scene.
Mattie Lucas said…
But it FEELS effortless. And that's the whole point. :-)
J.D. said…
Ugh, I WISH Criterion would re-release it with better sound, because I'm pretty sure that was the only thing that prevented me from loving this - which was my first Godard, as well.

My fave's A Woman is a Woman so far.
Matt Kilgore said…
oh yes.... my #2 director (after bergman). godard is inspired, especially here. This film is wonderful and vibrant modern art.
Daniel said…
Oh man, you know I saw this on the big screen in November for the first time and was blown AWAY by this scene - came back from the theater and watched it on YouTube a couple of times!

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