Fred Knittle: 1925 - 2009

From USA Today:
Fred Knittle, one of the old-timers from the recent documentary Young@Heart, about an senior citizen singing group that performs modern rock songs, died today at age 83 after a short battle with cancer.

Knittle, a World War II machine-gunner who spent most of his working life as an executive at The Clarke School for the Deaf in Northampton, Mass., was a breakout figure in the film, released by Fox Searchlight last spring.

Though using an oxygen tube due to offset problems from his congestive heart failure, Knittle delivered a heartbreaking rendition of Coldplay's Fix You in the film, displaying a deep, steady baritone that was unhampered by his other health troubles.

Knittle's rendition of Coldplay's "Fix You" was one of the most deeply touching moments of 2008, and it is in tribute to him that I post it now.

So long Fred. May the lights guide you home.


Hueytown Youth said…
i've been trying to track down a chance to see this movie!
Mattie Lucas said…
It is available on DVD.
Jess said…
Thanks for posting this. I really liked him in the documentary. He really fought hard to be part of the group.

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