9 Foreign Language Films Advance to Next Round

AMPAS announced its list of 9 films that will compete for 5 nominations in the Best Foreign Language Film category:
  • Austria, “Revanche,” Gotz Spielmann, director;
  • Canada, “The Necessities of Life,” Benoit Pilon, director;
  • France, “The Class,” Laurent Cantet, director;
  • Germany, “The Baader Meinhof Complex,” Uli Edel, director;
  • Israel, “Waltz with Bashir,” Ari Folman, director;
  • Japan, “Departures,” Yojiro Takita, director;
  • Mexico, “Tear This Heart Out,” Roberto Sneider, director;
  • Sweden, “Everlasting Moments,” Jan Troell, director;
  • Turkey, “3 Monkeys,” Nuri Bilge Ceylan, director.
Great...and on the same day I get my screener of Captain Abu Raed.

The real surprise here is the Gomorrah snub, but I wondered all along if it was too rough for the blue hairs. Of these, I'm thinking Waltz with Bashir, The Class, The Baader Meinhof Complex, Everlasting Moments, and 3 Monkeys.

What say you readers?


Anonymous said…
The foreign branch can suck it. I hate them, lol. Obviously, I still need to see all those potential nominees. Ugh.

Although, I did get my screener of Three Monkeys the other day. Consolation? Not really.

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