Sounds of Anarchy

Trailer Addict has posted some clips of the upcoming DVD bonus features for The Dark Knight, including this featurette with Hans Zimmer on the film's evocative score, which he co-composed with James Newton Howard.

Even though it has been deemed ineligible by the Academy for having too many composers, I still think it's one of the finest musical achievements of the year, despite what the film music fanboys may say.


Anonymous said…
which fan boys, and what did they say???
Mattie Lucas said…
The anti-Zimmer contingent has been constantly bashing the score for being too synthetic, not melodic enough, and lacking the strong theme of the Elfman and Goldenthal scores on soundtrack message boards all over the internet.

I'm no Zimmer fanboy but I think they're totally missing what he was going for, and what he achieved here.

I liked what he said here about creating a score designed to make people angry. He succeeded..and it's great work.

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