On "Role Models"

From The Dispatch:
The interesting thing about the film is that while it begins as just another painfully unfunny comedy, the presence of the children, played by "Superbad's" McLovin' Christopher Mintz-Plasse as nerdy teenager Augie and the endearing Bobb'e J. Thompson as the streetwise 10-year-old Ronnie, injects the film with some much-needed energy. Indeed, the two of them are the highlight of the film and make the climactic "World of Warcraft"-esque battle of the nerds a surprisingly touching and funny scene. The problem is it only manages to bring the film up from "D" level to "C" level. There just isn't enough here to warrant spending two hours on, especially when it's all been done before, and better, somewhere else
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Daniel said…
Very true about the kids adding something to it. Kind of like they did in School of Rock, but uh, not nearly as well.

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