Some Thoughts on "Quantum of Solace"

I'll be writing a full review for The Dispatch soon, but I want to get my opinion out there just for the record.

I loved Quantum of Solace.

And I say this as someone who liked but never loved Casino Royale the way some people did. But this one bowled me over. Marc Forster's more lyrical sensibilities bring a fresh beauty the the action sequences (which are stunning), and at times breathtaking. It's non-stop action, but Forster makes it count. This isn't a mindless blow-em-up thriller, this is an intelligently crafted, superbly edited, lean, mean piece of work.

I love Daniel Craig's fallible, brute force Bond, with his carnal sexuality and smoldering, dangerous blue eyes. Movies like this don't usually do much for me, but Quantum of Solace really got my blood pumping. It's a strong effort all the way around.

I need to go back and watch Casino Royale again to see if I appreciate it any more now, as I haven't seen it since it was in theaters. As I said I liked it at the time, but this is the one that has really sold me on the new Bond.

I rarely use the words "kick-ass" to describe anything, because it calls to mind a lower, mouth breather sensibility...but with Quantum of Solace it just fits.


Daniel said…
Not gonna take anything away from your enjoyment of QoS, Matt; we're definitely in two different camps on this one! But we both want to see Casino Royale again, so that should count for something.

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