On "Body of Lies"

From The Dispatch:
But overall, the action sequences lack pizzazz and feel decidedly old-hat for Scott. It's almost as if another director is trying to imitate his style instead of the work of Scott himself. What we end up with is a perfectly adequate and perfectly unextraordinary thriller that goes through all the perfunctory motions without so much as bothering to offer either a clear point of view or a complex moral dilemma. Add to that an undercooked romance between DiCaprio and an Iranian nurse, and you have a recipe where all the ingredients are in place, but the final product doesn't quite taste as good as it ought to.
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Anonymous said…
I was underwhelmed by some aspects of BoL but that Chopper/Car chase in the desert did kick ass.
Anonymous said…
Very fine review there in The Dispatch, Matthew. I am basically on the same page as it wa smildly entertaining in spots, but it's surely one Scott can go past. I wan't the fan you were of HANNIBAL or BLACK HAWK DOWN but I have some friends who are with you there. I'd say BODY OF LIES is strictly formula.

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