Trailer: "Angels & Demons"

I was a fan of the Da Vinci Code novel...not a great work of literature but a fun pulp fiction potboiler. I tried to read Angels & Demons but just couldn't get into it...I was ready to move on to better things, so I'm not that excited about this new film adaptation. Especially after the last version failed to live up to expectations.

At least Tom Hanks' hair is better.


J.D. said…
Yes, thank god for the hair.

I know I'll be seeing this, because the books attract me in some seriously inappropriate ways. And because my mom will literally drag me to the theatre, so I might as well be a willing captive.
Anonymous said…
Yep, I also read the book, and will see the film. But I remain rather skeptical, especially since DA VINCI CODE was a major disappointemnt. Of course this is a much different ballgame here.

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