On "W."

From The Dispatch:
"W." is by no means a great film, and while I believe there are at least two scenes that flirt with greatness, the overall effect is never anything more than simply diverting. But what a fascinating work it is. Stone has dialed back many of his stylistic ticks and penchant for dubious conspiracy theories and made a much more clear-eyed and sympathetic representation of Bush than I could have ever thought possible. Maybe one day a great film will be made about the presidency of George W. Bush, after enough time has passed that history can truly judge his actions without the filter of personal political bias; but for now, this will do.
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Anonymous said…
Well, I just read your review from 'The Dispatch' and I can't really contest you, even if I ultimately liked it a bit less. I think you made some very valid points, and were right to praise Cromwell's performance. He has always been for me a rathe runappreciated actor in these vital supporting character roles he's had. Likewise, Brolin's performance deserves praise as well. I agree that the film had a couple of great moments, and that it didn't strive to (as we thought it would) to satirize GW at teh expence of exploitation. Yet the film was largely disjointed. Your review is exceptionally well-written, bringing in that historical context to the forefront.

I appreciate the personal touches too, and applaud your vote for Kerry. Keep the faith, I'm sure we'll be celebrating soon.

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