On "Changeling"

From The Dispatch:
Working with a strikingly evocative recreation of Depression-era Los Angeles, Eastwood paints beautiful pictures in his trademark, sparse style. He also pulls a gut-wrenching performance out of Jolie, who carries the film with a sense of wounded grace that is nothing short of magnetic. Even when the rest of the mise-en-scene is bathed in inky shadow, her face remains luminous in the tradition of the Hollywood screen beauties of yore, and for her part Jolie has never been better.
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Anonymous said…
I'm excited to see this tomorrow, and enjoyed your review. I was also glad to read your praise of Jolie's performance. I'm tired of the Academy ignoring her. She should have won for A Might Heart
Anonymous said…
Great review Matthew. I saw this at the NYFF with Sam and I loved it!
Anonymous said…
And I loved it to.....to a point....sorry Blake, but I found Jolie's performance in A MIGHTY HEART annoying and undeserving of an Oscar. But I respect your view and will say you are not alone. I am with matthew on Clint Eastwood in general and I was a huge fan of LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA, especially. It's true the "craftsmanship" in CHANGELING--the period detail, the clothes, the fine Eastwood score and the acting en masse was exemplary, and there's no denying the film is terrifically entertaining. Jolie was solid enough, but she did cry a lot. I wish the film was deeper in a psychological sense, it mostly stayed on the surface. But I can't say it was too long, just too pat.

This is a great review which I am not far off the mark with.
Anonymous said…
How this dull review ended up in a newspaper, I have no idea.
Mattie Lucas said…
Because that is my job David. You're welcome not to read.

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