George Lucas Strikes Back

George Lucas just can't stop tinkering with the Star Wars films. Not only has he gone back and replaced the puppet Yoda with CGI in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (but then again, I doubt anything he does to the prequels will make them any worse) for the upcoming blu-ray release, it has now been revealed by io9 and confirmed by Badass Digest that Lucas has added Darth Vader yelling "nooooooooo!" as he hurls the Emperor down the shaft in Return of the Jedi. Supposed audio of the tweak has leaked, and Wide Asleep Film has synced it with the original film to get an idea of what the change will sound like. Warning: this may cause a piece of your soul to die.

At this point, I think Lucas has slipped so far into self parody that it's not even funny anymore. Having Vader yell "noooo!" while killing the Emperor sounds like a bad joke, especially after the extensive ridiculing that the similar exclamation in Revenge of the Sith received upon that film's release. I'm hoping this all turns out not to be true, but all signs are pointing in the wrong direction.


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