Wells on Finke

This quote by Jeff Wells is EXACTLY why Bill Condon's HBO movie-blogger series, Tilda, needs to become a reality:
If Condon and co-writer Cynthia Mort base their character too closely on Finke they'll be stuck with a hugely unappealing character, to say the least -- thorny, indifferent to the Catholic-church aspect of movie-watching, vindictive tendencies, curiously hermetic, cut off from the Seinfeld-like aroma of average human experience, etc.
You cannot make up the kind of ridiculous drama that goes on in this little world. Remember the time Finke revealed that Wells had emailed director asking for nude pics of Vinessa Shaw from the outtakes of 3:10 to Yuma and nearly started a blog war? There is great satire material here. This is a brilliant idea.


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