Rants From the Front Row Ep. 9

Rants From the Front Row Episode 9: Rants From the Front Row 3D

Rants From the Front Row Ep. 9
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Sam Juliano said…
Very interesting and pertinent subject for the 9th rant, and my sentiments are pretty much dead-on with yours, even if I liked ALICE IN WONDERLAND a bit more overall. But having seen THE CLASH OF THE TITANS yesterday afternoon as the second part of a "sneak-in" double feature (where I also smuggled in five pairs of glasses from last week's 3 D showing of HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON--that's my answer to your brief discussion of the "surcharge!" Ha!) I can say that the 3 D didn't help at all. Although TITANS has been recipient to some brutal reviews, I will say overall it is barely passable, due to some interesting set design, and that spectacular Medussa sequence late on. But yes there is tedium too, and rampant. But the 3 D was really a distraction. I think your rant here makes an excellent point of delineating the general matter of quality films making bets use of the 3 D. Hence I will say that of all the 3 D presentations I've seen, the best use of the gimmick was displayed in:

How To Train Your Dragon

I do remember the use of it in "Journey to the Center of the Earth" but again, although some of it was striking, the film was just go God-awful.

The bottom line though for me is that I enjoyed AVATAR and DRAGON (both of which I saw twice in theatres) just as much in 2 D as I did in 3 D, so the ramifications here are self-evident.

Excellent rant here!
Mattie Lucas said…
Thanks, Sam! :-)

My mom asked me if we could just take our glasses from previous films and not get charged, haha. And while I'm sure they would have no problem with people bringing them back, I'm sure it won't make the surcharge go away.

The first of this new batch of 3D films I saw was A CHRISTMAS CAROL, and I was really underwhelmed. AVATAR blew me away, but I don't see anything like that on the horizon.

I may see CLASH at some point, but I don't feel particularly motivated.

I hope studios eventually quit treating audiences like they're dumb. But they've never done that before, so why should they start now?

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