A Brief Summary of "2012"

After suffering through Roland Emmerich's latest disaster porno, 2012, I realized its plot could be easily summed up in just a few actions.

The characters get in a car and speed away from an oncoming disaster. Then they jump in a plane and narrowly escape said disaster. Then there is a tearful farewell. Then they get out of the plane, get in another car, and speed away from another disaster, after which they hop back in the plane and narrowly escape certain death. Then there is another tearful farewell. Once more, they get out of the plane, get in another plane, get in a car inside the plane, and escape certain doom by driving the car out of the plane. Then there is yet another tearful farewell.

Repeat for 2 hours and 40 minutes. Then everyone dies. Except, of course, for our heroes, who once again have miraculously escaped certain doom.

The end.


Yes, that sums it up, although you left out scenes in which children cry and the little dog scrambles to safety.

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