Zemeckis to Make "The Nutcracker"

According to Cinema Blend, Robert Zemeckis, fresh off doing A Christmas Carol (read my review here) is planning on taking on the story of The Nutracker as his next 3-D mo-cap project.

Someone please stop this man before he ruins Christmas. As I said in my review of A Christmas Carol: "Zemeckis has shown himself to no longer be a filmmaker interested in substance, but rather technical gimmicks."

I'm no fan of his most popular work, Forrest Gump, but what happened to that Zemeckis? The guy who made Back to the Future, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and Cast Away? The man has talent, so why does he keep piddling it away on this mo-cap stuff?

Please, Mr. Zemeckis, stop playing with your toys and make a real film again. We miss you.


Nate said…
As soon as I read the headline I too exclaimed: CAN SOMEONE PLEASE STOP HIM!! This is completely and utterly unbelieveable!

Isn't it enough that he is planning to ruin "Roger Rabbit" with a sequel using that stupid performance capture technology?

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