Streaming Spotlight | Feral (2014)

Daniel Sousa's Oscar nominated short film, Feral, is now available to stream on Vimeo. My favorite of the 2014 Oscar nominated shorts, ended up losing to Mister Hublot, but really should have ended up winning the award. Here is my original capsule review of the film:
A wild young boy, raised in the wilderness by wolves, is found by a hunter and brought back to the human world to be “civilized.” But the world is anything but civilized to the young man, who finds himself trapped in a cold, uncaring world longing for freedom. Featuring breathtaking hand-drawn animation, it is easily the strongest of a very good group of nominees. It’s a haunting, abstract, gripping film that looks like a moving work of art. This is what animation should be.
Check out the entire film below, now streaming for free on Vimeo!


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