Saturday, June 04, 2011

Debating "Film Socialisme"

I don't always agree with Christy Lemire (I found her take on Uncle Boonmee borderline offensive), but her take on Godard's Film Socialisme for "Ebert Presents At the Movies" is spot-on.

The emperor has no clothes and she has no fear in pulling back the curtain. She nails Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, especially when he can't come back from her "if this wasn't Godard, would you still like it" jab.


Sam Juliano said...

I hated this film with a passion an am presently preparing a full condemnation of it (and it's wearisome self-indulgent director) for tomorrow. Yes Lemaire is right. Godard is sticking his middle finger at his audience, and I'm ready to say the same to him. We've seen this shtick before, but like fools we may money to be screwed.

At least 7 IFC Film Center regulars got up and walked out after this past Friday night's prime time showing.

Ed Howard said...

My favorite part of that video: when she says "I'm not stupid, and I have no idea what this is about." Really setting yourself up there, Christy. Ignatiy is a better man than I for not taking the nearly irresistable bait.

There's room for intelligent arguments against Godard's latest film (which I adore, and have rewatched as many times as Ignatiy has) but Lemire's kneejerk "it makes no sense" response just shows her failure to engage with it on any level, calling Godard a "grumpy old man" and showing no evidence that she's thought about the film and what it has to say at all.