Star Trek awesome!

That is all.


Nate said…
Ok, I know that there's no point comparing a movie from one genre to one from another genre but do you really think Adventureland should get the same grade as Star Trek, State of Play, and Hunger???
On and the half star you gave to Witch Mountain, should have gone to Wolverine.

Now, Star Trek was frakking awesome indeed, but didn't you had a bit of an issue with the constant flare?
Sam Juliano said…
I didn't really mind the flare all that much. The film was indeed AWESOME; I am on clud nine right now, re-living my childhood and realizing what a spectacular piece of work this was in every way possible. Great characters, camaraderie, humor, sci fi-adventure and human drama all in the best possible sense.

Mattie Lucas said…
Nate - Yes, I do. And no I didn't.

As for Wolverine - you're entitled to your opinion.

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