"Three Monkeys" Opens in New York

Nuri Bilge Ceylan's Three Monkeys, which I reviewed back in March, has officially opened in NYC.

From my review:
This is really stunning work. It is a darkly lyrical film, filled with muddled morality, family angst and shady deeds, but like Kiyoshi Kurosawa's Tokyo Sonata, Three Monkeys is a family drama that defies stereotypes and really works. Ceylan takes what has become an indie-movie specialty and made it feel shockingly, and thrillingly, new. He examines the darkness darkness beneath the surface with the deep seeded assuredness of a born filmmaker, and it will haunt the mind for days to come.
Don't miss it.


Sam Juliano said…
Yes I do remember your excellent appraisal, and I will definitely be lining up for this!

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