On "Capitalism: A Love Story"

From The Dispatch:
Moore wants to change the world, and this, more than all his films, may just be the one to do it. It is a mature, surprisingly even-handed (he even takes the Democrats to task) call to action. Moore is mad as hell, and he's not going to take this anymore, and he wants the audience to be as well. It's an inspiring message of hope that demands to be noticed and heard, by liberals, conservatives and those who have never given Moore a second thought.
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Sam Juliano said…
I am completely with you Matt politically, as I am a card-carrying left wing Obama supporting liberal Democrat through and through. But Moore's shtick here is becoming wearisome, especially since we have a capitalist railing against capitalism here. But I was moved by the farmer's plight, and appreciated all the FDR footage, and the enjoyable Bush-bashing. And the last sequence with the crime tape was a hoot.

Great review here of course.

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