Blogging Break

In case you're wondering why my updates have slowed down significantly, I've been in rehearsals for a production of Inherit the Wind, in which I play the Reverend Jeremiah Brown. This past weekend was tech weekend, and I was in rehearsal for 11 hours yesterday. In other words, I don't have much time for blogging or movie watching. The only thing I've seen in the past two or three weeks is Katyn.

The show opens this coming Thursday, February 12, and will run this weekend and the following weekend. So don't expect an upswing in posting until after then.

Also, I'm a little burnt out with blogging because, well, I'm disgusted with the movie blogosphere. This has been the pettiest, bitchiest, whiniest Oscar season in recent memory. There are so many major bloggers who run big sites that I used to frequent and respect, that have become insular bitching boards where all people do is complain and advocate for and against certain things just to spite the Academy.

As if any of it mattered. People are entitled to their opinions, but I'm so sick of people acting as if their's is the only one that matters.


Anonymous said…
Break a leg man!
Anonymous said…
Matthew, best of luck with INHERIT THE WIND! If I lived closer I would surely be there. I'm sure you'll turn in a great performance. I agree that many people live for disagreement especially when it comes to the Academy. It's truly dispiriting.
Anonymous said…
You know I agree with you on those people who believe their opinions are the only ones that matter, and act as such. Its burnt me out too, so I will be focusing on school for a while.

Good luck for your show, break a leg indeed, and have fun! Enjoy it.
Daniel said…
Everybody deserves a break - I've had an involuntary one as of late and am finding it relaxing.

Good luck with the show!
Fletch said…
It's no fun unless you name names... ;)

Enjoy your break, for sure. We all need 'em. My problem is that when I take one, I find it veeerrry hard to get back into the groove.
Mattie Lucas said…
Thanks for the well wishes guys!

Opening night went very well last night. I'll be posting pictures and video (!) sometime later this week.
Anonymous said…
11 hours. That is dedication.

I am staying out of the Oscar debate. Too many worthy films and people get passed over all the time.

Del Toro should have won best director for Pan's Labyrinth, Ellen Burstyn for best actress for Requiem for a Dream. The list goes on and on.

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