"Off Jackson Avenue"

It may be an ultra low budget production, a fact betrayed by its lack of polish and at times awkward performances, but John-Luke Montias' Off Jackson Avenue, which opens for an exclusive one week engagement at The Quad in NYC on July 17, is an interesting little diamond in the rough.

While it takes its interconnecting storyline structure from films such as Crash and Babel, a trend that is getting a bit old hat, it never really feels forced. The low budget and breakneck speed of the production are often very apparent, but the film is ultimately quite enjoyable, despite a few bizarre touches) and shows promise of greater things for Montias.

I will post a review closer to the film's release. In the meantime, check out the trailer here:


Sam Juliano said…
And based on what you say here, I will check it out at the Quad during its upcoming one-week exclusive! Interesting that there are some CRASH and BABEL paralells.
Anonymous said…
I saw it in Fort Lauderdale a few months back.

This film is an uneven little film, but I think some of the critics are being a little mean toward it and a lot of the other little indies coming out this week. Maybe the sun has entered the astrological house of the "Give Harmless Microbudget Indies One Star" planet.

- Brenda Rein

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