Student Tanning Film Shut Down

From The Globe and Mail:
BRANTFORD, ONT. — Angry reaction from the tanning industry forced a film student from Brantford to cancel plans Thursday to shoot a comedy about a fictional illness dubbed tanorexia.Sarah Evans, a York University film major, had arranged to shoot portions of her short film “Stand 'N' Tan” at Michelle O'Brien's salon in Brantford.

However, film plans were scrapped after O'Brien received a flurry of angry and concerned telephone calls other tanning operators and even from the B.C.-based Joint Canadian Tanning Association.

Callers expressed dismay that tanning may be cast in an unflattering light in Evans's film.Evans was taken aback by the backlash over her film about a woman's addiction to excessive tanning.

She says it was blown way out of proportion.

The film “is a fantasy,” Evans said “It would never happen.”

That's ridiculous. What's the "tanning industry" afraid of I wonder? Is it that their products can cause cancer, I wonder? I would have made the film anyway out of sheer spite. Who are they to try to shut down a film like that? All kinds of issues and companies get lampooned, satirized, and critqued in movies all the time...what makes them think they are above it? And it's a STUDENT film of all things.

Matt to Joint Canadian Tanning Association, et al: suck it up and get over it.


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