My "No Country for Old Men" Review Finally Lands

This may seem a bit late to the game...but better late than never. Things don't open around here as quickly as I would like.

From The Dispatch:

There is something quintessentially American about this pitch-black Midwestern fable. Quaint Americana is turned on its head to expose an ugly underbelly, where decency gives way to disregard for life, peace gives way to violence, and history is slowly steamrolled into the barren, shrinking wastelands of the desert.

As the film opens, we hear a voice-over by Jones lamenting the old ways, when sheriffs before him didn't have to wear a gun. It is this new, chaotic, violent world that is the "no country for old men" of the title, and the Coen Brothers capture it with a masterful sense of time and place and a pitch-perfect ear for dialogue.

It is an unexpected sucker-punch of a movie - raw, gritty and deeply humanistic - that, love it or hate it, won't be easy to forget.

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