God Grew Tired of Us

Can a movie change your life?

I just got finished watching God Grew Tired of Us, the award-winning documentary by Christopher Dillon Quinn and Tommy Walker on DVD, and I don't remember the last time I was so deeply moved, uplifted, and called to action by a film.

The film chronicles the lives of several members of the Lost Boys of Sudan - who escaped civil war in Sudan, and wandered in the wilderness for years before settling in a Kenyan refugee camp, and are relocated to America to start a new life.

But their journey out of Sudan is only part of the story. Once relocated to America, leaving their family and friends behind, they are forced to adjust to a strange new culture and find ways to support their families, many without the knowledge that their families are still alive. Yet they treat each new obstacle with an optimism and bravery that is nothing short of inspiring. And they are not the only ones, there are still thousands left in Africa, having seen horrific acts of death and torture at the hands of the Sudanese government, and are now packed into refugee camps with barely enough food to sustain themselves.

The film is a powerful work, being at once tragic, humorous, poignant, and ultimately uplifting. It is a must see for anyone with a heart.

You can view the trailer here:

And visit http://www.allianceforthelostboys.com/ or http://www.godgrewtiredofus.com/

They need all the help we can give.


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