Oscarwatch Changes to AwardsDaily

Oscarwatch has officially changed its name to AwardsDaily. Check out their new format here at www.awardsdaily.com.

Oscarwatch has long been one of the most respected awards blogs on the internet, but was recently sued by the American Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences for trademark infringement of their symbol, the Oscar - stating that the domain name was confusing and could lead people to believe that the site was somehow connected to or endorsed by them.

Which is silly, of course. Oscarwatch was born out of love for the Oscars, and going after people who stir up buzz and interest in your program is akin to biting the hand that feeds you. But the greedy have won out here, and editor Sasha Stone (again, one of the best Oscar bloggers out there) has moved her site and changed its name.

She has divided the site into several sections, in which the name Oscarwatch still exists as a focus on the Academy Awards, while the main page is more general in its focus. The site now also features an Emmywatch, and Indiewatch, and several others.

Here's hoping they keep up the same high standards of Oscar blogging just like they always have.

Sasha, you're one of the best.


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