Matthew Lucas (Editor, Chief Critic)

Matthew Lucas is a freelance film critic whose work has appeared in print in the Lexington Dispatch since 2004, when he was a senior in high school. He founded From the Front Row on October 31, 2006 where he has been steadily writing reviews ever since. He has also been a staff critic at In Review Online since 2009 and continues to contribute regularly. Matthew joined the ranks of the Online Film Critics society in 2011, and the North Carolina Film Critics Society in 2014. When he isn't watching or reviewing movies he spends his time as an actor and a marketing professional. Matthew attended Appalachian State University where he studied Theatre and Film Studies and resides in Boone, North Carolina. He is a member of the Southeastern Film Critics Association, North Carolina Film Critics Association, and the Online Film Critics Society.

C.A. Rubino (Staff Critic)

C.A. is a freelance writer, actor, and crazy person who currently lives in Hollywood, California. For the past few years he has made a living writing for various online publications on a variety of subjects, none of which are interesting. C.A. is a huge fan of both cinema and being opinionated, so the jump to film critiques was a natural one.

Originally from the east coast, specifically not Florida, C.A. wandered out west on a whim one day and never looked back. When he isn't hammering away at a keyboard and arguing about movies, C.A. spends his time reading poetry, drinking wine, and avoiding going on auditions. He has also recently discovered the Twitter machine (@WeaselTea) and the world was never the same.

Charles Lyons (Staff Critic)

Charles Lyons is a freelance film critic and essayist based in the Washington, D.C. area. He is currently a staff critic for the online incarnation of David Bax and Tyler Smith’s Battleship Pretension podcast and was recently added as a contributor at Not Coming to a Theater Near You. In addition, Charles will soon be debuting a new column at The House Next Door, the official blog of Slant Magazine. In the past, he has written for publications online and print alike, such as In Review Online and Film for the Soul, as well as a bevy of locally-based outlets (including The Blue Ridge Leader and The Purcellville Gazette). He is a voting member of the Muriel Awards, an impassioned, grassroots year-end critics poll, and can be found on Twitter (@charles_lyons), where he frequently posts bite-sized musings on film, as well as links to his and other notable work.

Jesse Taylor (Contributer)
Jesse is a cinema buff taking his first stab at the blogoverse. Writing independently for many years, he has finally decided to get his voice out there and From the Front Row is helping him do so by inviting him to join our team. Originally from Niagara Falls, Canada, he made the move to the big city of Toronto to attend York University where he majors in Film & Cinema Studies. Toronto has become his home thanks in part to the great film community and the wonderful festivals and events. Extremely passionate about cinema, he is excited to finally get the chance to express his opinions on a larger scale along with other great people who are just as fanatical. He can be found on Twitter (@jessetaylor25) where he continues to obsess over film, music, and pop culture in general.


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