trans|cendental cinema

Some bittersweet news - this will be the final post at From the Front Row. Today I am unveiling my new website,

After 18 years at From the Front Row, I decided it was time for a refresh and a rebrand that just wasn't possible on Blogger. With trans|cendental cinema, I hope to aim a uniquely trans lens at the movies, and really bring a more personal touch to my film criticism.

So what does this mean for From the Front Row? It will continue to exist in order to preserve the work I've put into it over the last two decades. But from now on, trans|cendental cinema will be my primary outlet. I am excited about the possibilities this will bring, and hopefully one day using it as a platform to amplify other transgender voices. Thanks for supporting me over the last 18 years, and I hope you'll follow me into this next adventure.


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