Theatre Review | Caleb Sigmon Live! Magic in Concert

One of the funny things about magic shows is that they very rarely contain any magic. Oh sure, they have plenty of magic tricks of varying quality, but how often do you get to sit down in a magic show and see something you've never seen before? How many magicians do you know of that actually take the time to craft a fully realized experience, rather than just show off a few tricks with some tired old light cues and cheesy music?

Enter Caleb Sigmon, who with each passing show looks to give the audience something completely new. In his most recent endeavor, Caleb Sigmon Live! Magic in Concert, combined Caleb's unique blend of magic, comedy, and motivational speaking with the wonderful music of the Berry sisters, whose violin and piano accompaniment added a beautiful new dimension to the show. Reviewing a show like this isn't always easy, because no two shows are alike. Each one is distinguished by new guests, new dimensions, and new laughs - and Caleb is always on his toes. His quick wit and his easy charm make for an effortlessly entertaining evening, even if you've seen his show and his tricks before.

Each show is a unique animal, a living, breathing experience, which is part of what makes them so much fun. This isn't all about Caleb - it's a shared experience with the audience in which the audience is very much a part of the show. He manages to make everyone feel comfortable, even if they end up in the spotlight. There's a kind of shared understanding that we are all in this together, and that we are somehow a part of the magic. That's real magic. These aren't just cheap parlor tricks, in fact the actual magic tricks really aren't even the star of the show. Caleb blends them together his incredible gift for storytelling, easily transition between high comedy and more tender inspirational moments. It is this deft showmanship that sets Caleb apart from other magicians. And I don't just say this because he is one of my best friends (full disclosure time), but because he is one of the most talented people I know. Even people who aren't fans of magic shows will find something to enjoy here. Each show is an evening of good, clean family fun of a quality that is hard to find nowadays. There's something charmingly old fashioned about what Caleb is doing. He isn't trying to wow you with lots of flash and dazzle, he wants you to feel a sense of awe, a childlike wonder that is sorely missing in this fast paced world. Under his spell, we are all children again - and that is the real magic of Caleb Sigmon.

His next show, Caleb Sigmon LIVE! Nothing Up My Sleeve is Friday, July 25 at the Old Post Office Playhouse in Newton, NC. For more information, visit


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