On "Rabbit Hole"

From The Dispatch:
As a film about coping with grief, and the very act of simply moving on, “Rabbit Hole” is a delicate and moving work that deals with its issues in refreshingly grown-up ways. It lacks the emotional histrionics one might expect, and instead explores its characters’ pain without providing easy answers. The loss of a child is one of the greatest tragedies one can experience, and Mitchell refuses to simply put a Band-Aid on the problem and move on. And while it may feel a bit aimless, there is no clear end to such a tragedy, and Mitchell allows his characters to develop in such a way that they never fully heal, but are never fully consumed by their sadness either. For such a heavy subject, “Rabbit Hole” is remarkably light on its feet, uplifting even. It’s an emotionally cathartic experience that finds humor and positivity even in the darkest situations.
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