On "Iron Man 2"

From The Dispatch:

Downey is perfect as Stark and is joined here by a fantastic supporting cast, although Terrence Howard is missed as Stark's friend, Rhodey (aka War Machine), despite a passable turn by Cheadle. Everything here adds up to a popcorn action film that makes good on its promise to thrill and excite without simply retreading what has already been done. "Iron Man 2" is tremendous summer fun, a big-time superhero spectacle that delivers to both fans and newcomers alike, kicking off the summer movie season in sensational fashion.


Danny King said…
Is it just me, or is the casting of Mickey Rourke very confusing? It is not that I think he did a bad job with the role, but I have a tough time believing why a casting director would think that Rourke is the best fit to play a genius physicist. He seems much more fit for a "bad-ass" type villain, which Vanko didn't turn out to be in my eyes.

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