From The Dispatch:
"WALL-E" is essentially a silent comedy, reminiscent of the works of Charles Chaplin and Jacques Tati, playing out like a mash-up of "2001: A Space Odyssey" and "City Lights." There is precious little dialogue in the film, and Stanton makes the most of what little there is. Stanton is an extraordinary visual storyteller, and "WALL-E's" animation is nothing short of breathtaking. He paints on a grand canvas, making this not only Pixar's most epic film in terms of scope, but also one of its most intimate.

Unlike its previous films, however, this is not a dialogue-driven film, it's an image-driven film - a sweeping, glorious spectacle that never loses sight of its heart or the simple, heartrending love story at its core. Instead, "WALL-E" is a film built around a nearly wordless protagonist that despite his lack of dialogue, builds a deep personal connection with the audience.
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Anonymous said…
Lovely review Matt, and I wholeheartedly agree :)

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