Proof That Some People Need to Just Get a Life

From The West Australian:
Disney’s villains are ageist, say academics

Even the Seven Dwarfs are guilty — well two of them, anyway.

Grumpy and Dopey are no longer just the loyal friends of Snow White but must now line up with the likes of the Wicked Queen and Cruella de Vil to be accused of fostering negative images of elderly people.

According to academics, Walt Disney’s seemingly ageist cartoon depiction of older people as evil or incompetent risks adversely influencing children.

Grumpy and Dopey join the assorted hags, crones and villains in the dock because they might lead some youngsters to think older people are bad tempered or dimwitted in real life.

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Give me a break. Why do people put so much time and effort into junk like this?


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