The Academy and 9/11

Will they or won't they?

That seems to be the question - will the Academy award one of this year's two 9/11 movies with a Best Picture nod?

Many are saying that United 93 stands a good chance.

I just don't see it. World Trade Center is a much more conventional Academy pick. And it's not going to get nominated either. Sure it's a fine film, but the Academy would have to be in full-fledged sentimental mode to honor a 9/11 film. They were good films, but not great films. Important for being the first, maybe. But there will be better films dealing with this subject down the road - movies that won't be so careful not to offend anyone. I liked both films, but my main problem with both of them is they are almost too respectful. They leave many stones unturned in their efforts not to step on anyone's toes. They leave the tragedy itself largely unexplored.

Honoring these films will only leave another, more deserving film unrecognized. And I'm not really registering much buzz for either one. It all seems to be coming from prognosticators who are wondering aloud if it will happen, based on For Your Consideration campaigns being mounted by their respective studios. It's a shot in the dark, and a long shot for both of them. This year is just too crowded with worthy films. And I think this year 9/11 well get left out in the cold. There may be a Best Director nomination in Paul Greengrass' future for United 93...but that's a BIG maybe.

One thing I am pretty sure about...Marty and Clint will be going head to head once again...who will come out on top this time?


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